Red Princess

I met Taylor Swift. She’s really nice. She’s so tall, and she said, “I just want to say, ‘Wildest Moments’ is my everything.” And I did what I always do, which is put on the ugliest toadface and crouch like an old pedophile, put on a faux cockney accent and say, “Ow, fanks. Fanks.”

—Jessie Ware on the nicest person she’s met this year x

I’ve never seen that and I’ve been to her Nashville place. That would seem like something I would remember as it’s quite funny.

—Ed Sheeran on rumors Taylor Swift has a framed picture of Kanye West at the MTV Awards in her apartment with the motto “Life is full of little interruptions” x

What I find strange is that if I’d won a Grammy I’d have it placed pristinely on a shelf with loads of lights with underneath written “Grammy Motherfucker” or something like that. Whereas she’s won so many there’s one chilling in the toilet on a little ledge, there’s one in the kitchen and there’s one in the living room. There’s Grammys scattered everywhere. I find that really cool. If I’d won as much as that, I’d scatter them everywhere.

—Ed Sheeran on how Taylor Swift displays her Grammy Awards x

I think being a female in the public spotlight, not even just the music industry, whenever you’re pictured with a boy or there’s talk of you being with a boy it instantly means you’ve been with them romantically if not sexually. That’s the biggest misconception with Taylor. She’s a good girl, in every sense. She’s great - I’d say 0.01 per cent of the stories written about her are actually true.

—Ed Sheeran on misconceptions about Taylor Swift x

Antonoff’s best letter of recommendation, though, is his ongoing collaboration with Taylor Swift. They met at the 2012 Europe Music Awards and became friends through the award-show-and-festival circuit. The “mainstream sector” of musicians isn’t very big, Antonoff says. “You start seeing people around. And, you know, it’s music. It’s not like everyone’s awesome. It’s not like a group of teachers. So it’s pretty easy to tell who’s garbage and who’s not right away, and most people suck, to be honest, or they’re just really wrapped up in what’s going on with themselves. And Taylor’s truly the nicest, most interesting person that I’ve met in that circle.” While hanging out at Swift’s house in Rhode Island, they bonded over their mutual love of a particular snare drum from a Fine Young Cannibals song. That became the inspiration for “Sweeter Than Fiction,” which they wrote by emailing ideas back and forth. “I think she’s a modern Joni Mitchell, I really do,” he says.

—Jack Antonoff on Taylor Swift x

That is a crazy rumour. I worked on the last record a little bit but I didn’t get the call this time. So, no, not me. She’s working with Max Martin on this record I think pretty much exclusively. That’s why he gets paid the big bucks you know, he’s working with everybody.

—Gary Lightbody on rumors he will be involved with Taylor’s fifth album x

Tori Amos

—I Knew You Were Trouble

Tori Amos covers Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble in concert

I don’t need to. I don’t need to see that. I can see her being beautiful and lovely … As an artist, there’s a force and when you work with that force and you bring it into the deepest part of your bones, the intention is very clear. I’m not the first person who’s ever thrown her hair around [laughs]. But what you’re getting is intention. I’m not just throwing hair around — there’s an energy that’s being taken in to the core. It’s not malevolent or benevolent — it’s force — and you can put your hands on that 220 [voltage]. My mentors were Jim Morrison, Prince, Hendrix and I was very aware of the energy that they were possessing. That was what I was calling into my being — that type of voltage. How other artists [today are performing] — I could be their mom! I’m very respectful and hold a space for other artists to expand their expression. Wherever they get it or however they get it, that’s exciting.

—Tori Amos when asked if she saw anything of herself in Taylor Swift’s Grammy performance of All Too Well x

I said something about pop stars having this unattainability that I didn’t think was right and I mentioned Taylor Swift’s name. I don’t regret much that I have said but that was one where afterwards I was like, of all the people why would you mention Taylor Swift?! There is so much about her which is awesome. I totally approached that one wrong and I apologised for it on my Tumblr and made sure that people read that because I felt so bad.

—Lorde, in an interview with Emma Watson for Wonderland